That Thorn....Will it Leave

Date: Sometime in 2010

Dear Journal,

As I sit here on the porch, sipping on some awesome juice,
I attempt to hold it together before I blow a fuse.
I have a problem, a habit, an addiction that won't go away.
Sometimes I feel like brother Paul on display.
He described it as a thorn in his flesh, so he would pray.
I have a thorn in my flesh.
I love the feeling that this thorn tends to give my flesh.
It drives me and it makes me who I am, the only thing is
It's killing me.
What do I do?  I've prayed and prayed, but still to no avail.
I've gone to the elders of the church and they only snear at me.
They can't and won't try to understand it because they fear it.
What do I do? I can't help because I love this thorn.
It's been a part of my life for a long time.
I asked God for grace, but it always presents itself.
Don't get me wrong, I still believe, but I need something done.
Is it too late for me to atone?
I'm wondering will that thorn ever leave?

Leaving You Behind

On a Friday Night, I leave your house.
I leave feelings, desires, and stolen moments behind.
I realize that the ride was fun, but it was a louse.
Time that was wasted where I could have shined.
However, the prison you held me in, I've freed myself from.
I take this time to say, I'm leaving.
As I drive toward my brighter future
I drive away from you and leave you standing in the dust.
Don't worry, You won't find me.
The Past is the Past,
I'm Leaving You Behind



The Mountain Top

The Mountain Top

On the mountain top there is invigoration.
Here all my worries come to stagnation and die.

My only fear is going back to the valley.
There is pestilence and desolation.

The mountain top is where I want to be.
I appreciate this mountain top.


On this bright sunny day
I manage to make my way
to my destiny and freedom.
The day you walk out
Didn't make me pout.
I simply spread my wings
So I could spring...
Spring forth and soar.
I chose a life that's not the former
I've been redeemed from your torture.
Yes, I let you walk out and no you can't get back in.
Darling I'm soaring and you are boring.
Let me be so I may soar.

Simply Dorinda---She is my Diva!

When My Words are Few

When My Words are Few

Sitting Back with my Red Solo cup in my hand,

Listening to Lady Day singing the Blues, I realize that I'm lost. My feelings and emotions are trapped inside of me.

I need release and relief, but I can't seem to get anyone to understand how I feel.

My words are few.

My Baby walks in and kisses me. I respond back, but I still zone out into the zone of comfort and heightened thoughts.

Naw, I ain't mad, just calm when my words are few.

Naw, I'm not suicidal.
My Words are few.

I don't want to hear a word about I need to do this or do that. I don't want to hear about a Messiah to come and rescue me. He's already done that and I know what the deal is.

Things that I'm dealing with try to unravel me, but this is what happens when my words are few.

Just leave a message and I'll get back to you, but right now, my words are few.