Young Local Singer Killed by Police

Below is a video of a young local singer, in Ohio, said to have jumped off a bridge and killed himself.  Here is the video of what really happened.

Lauryn Hill Births 6th Child

Congrats to Lauryn Hill on the birth of her sixth child, a baby boy.  According to Daily Mail, there was a little scare because "the baby was delivered with the umbilical cord around his neck."  The baby and mother are both fine.
  According to sources, for most of the year Hill had been hiding her pregnancy, but 2 months ago the pregnancy surfaced. Some suggest she hid the pregnancy because the paternity of the baby is unsure. As many of you know , she and Rohan Marley, had been in a long and intense, yet complex relationship.  He had been telling media outlets that he is not the baby's father.  However, he is the father of her five elder children.

   Rumors have been circulating according to sources that he had been dating the Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana. Fontana had recently posted a picture of her and Marley on Twitter with the caption 'I'm in love with @Romarley 's heart.'  

As rumors circulated about an affair, Marley set the record straight by say…

Here I am - Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is back Ya'll. Today her new album "HERE I AM" is now available. The album features the hit single "Motivation" and "Commander."  I've heard the tracks from the album and it is MARVELOUS. I give her 5 stars. She is doing her thing on this album. Ya'll go pick up, DON'T BOOT LEG OR DOWNLOAD, but BUY Kelly Rowland's "Here I Am."

Accept Me- @BSlade


Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy for Model Look Alike

Reality Star, Kim Kardashian is not feeling the "Super C-U-T-E" ad featuring her model look alike, Melissa Molinaro.  Kim is filing a lawsuit against Old Navy for intentionally using a look alike in their ads to get the public to think she was endorsing the brand.   However the ad does play off Kardashian's fame with the model singing “This is real life/ I’m not posing for a magazine,” before being followed by the paparazzi while doing day-to-day tasks such as hair appointments, walking the dog, ie the mundane things that Kim does on her reality.
   Old Navy even acknowledged that Melissa Molinaro looked like Kim Kardashian, and according the BET tweeted the following :"Breaking News!! @CBSNEWS reports that Old Navy's Super CUTE star looks like @kimkardashian. #LOL. What do you think?"

She believes that the campaign has generated $15 to $20 million dollars and she wants that money back. According to TMZ she is furious that the company tweeted about the loo…



Black Racists The Lhuiller Show

What can I say about C. James Lhuillier? He is tenacious, innovative, controversial and HARDCORE!!! I love his youtube channel. He keeps it real. In a recent video he deals with Black Racists. Get into it below.