North Carolina Passes Amendment 1

Welcome to the Bible Belt of the South.  Apparently as of Today North Carolina has passed the notorious Amendment 1. It was promoted as a ban on Same Sex marriage however here are some more things on how it screws traditional marriages, healthcare, as well as domestic violence protections. The ACLU made a list of how sucky things are about to get:

Domestic violence laws protecting people in an unmarried partnerships might be weakened. (This claim has been debated by both sides, and it's still unclear exactly how the law would impact domestic violence victims. Opponents of Amendment 1 say many of North Carolina's domestic violence laws offer special protections to victims who have an established relationship with their abusers. So if the amendment narrows the law to legally recognize only marriages, it might weaken these protective laws for unmarried partners. Supporters of Amendment 1, such as Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger Jr.,contest this claim. Berger said …

@RainbowNoiseEnt The Motto (Homo)

Who is Rainbow Noise Entertainment ? Rainbow Noise Entertainment an entertainment company that specializes in marketing lesbian and gay talent to mainstream audiences without compromising the artists' individual style or gender presentation. As Gay and Lesbian images continue to grow in tmedia, RainbowNoise seeks to set forth responsible and accurate representations within the music industry. ( 
Rainbow Noise Entertainment seeks to break the stereotype of the LGBT Community as well as fully represent diversity in the world.  They have a motto.  Yes Rainbow Noise Entertainment has a motto.  It's simply "Homo."

@MontreBible Good Christians Must Stop the Gays

Montre of Montre Biblehas an uncanny sense of humor.  He is one of my favorite vloggers and bloggers. He just makes sense in what he is saying about those "Good Christians" who want to stop the gays.

@DamienCrawford In Harlem This Friday!!!!




Practice Makes Perfect

As a singer and musician, one thing that I've learned is that "practice makes perfect."  I've learned that practice not only makes perfect, but it helps you to find out who you are.
  I was recently rehearsing a song that I absolutely love, but I had to change the key of it because the original artist is a female and I'm a bass, baritone guy.  I practiced the song several times and I also recorded each rehearsal picking apart the does and don'ts when singing this song. I must say it came in handy.
  With each rehearsal I had to catch myself so I wouldn't try to be like the original artist. I simply had to make the song my own.  Whenever one practices something or rehearses something, that is a chance for them to examine what they are doing correctly and what they are doing wrong.
  We can apply this scenario to life whenever we go through life, it's simply like a rehearsal.  We approach things in a way that it will either benefit us or help us achi…

@BSlade Never Love This Way

Ladies and Gentlemen,
B. Sladehas done it again!!!  As a result of meeting 60K followers on twitter, he has released a track early.  The funky, energetic, yet mellow track "Never Love This Way" is an early release from the forthcoming album "Deep Purple."  The Album is coming on May 16, 2012!!! I will keep you updated as time nears release.
  I must say I have fallen in love with this song. "Never Love This Way" deals with the wild effects that falling in love with someone whom you thought was the one can bring.  The music and the beat captivates your ears from start to finish. Get into "Never Love This Way" below.