It is sad news that I report that the Legendary Disco Singer, Donna Summer has went home to be with the Lord.  On Thursday May 17th, 2012, Donna Summer was lead to victory after a long battle with cancer.  Born on New Year's Eve 1948, Summer defined the sound of late '70s and early '80s radio with hits including "Last Dance", "Bad Girls" and "She Works Hard for The Money."

  The Disco Singer leaves cherished memories to her daughters, Mimi, Brooklyn, and Amanda as well as here husband, songwriter, producer, Bruce Charles Sudano.  It has been told that the singer was trying to complete an album at the time of her death.

Rest In Peace Toyota aka Michele (My Car)

The pictures above are of my car the late Toyota Camry, better known as Michele.  On Sunday May 13, 2012 Michele went home to the great junkyard in the sky.  She caught on fire on I-77 in South Carolina as I was going to see my God mom. My best friend J and I were together at the time. I'm just thankful that the car didn't explode. (After Photos Are Posted Below).
  The only damage done was to the engine and the hood.  The parts under the hood burned.  However, we were able to crank the car, but the engine is knocking badly and it has a thrown rod.  I've put over $1500 into that car and I refuse to put anymore into that car.  It is an 1989 model and it's had problems from the jump.  I've had the engine worked on twice.
  Many sources that are close to me are advising me to keep the car and wait till my mechanic recuperates from an operation and let him replace the engine again....I'm sorry, but NO!!!  I refuse to put any more energy into that car. It's ca…

Pastor Marvin Winans Robbed and Car Jacked

@XemVanAdams HARD Summer Days & SOFT Vulnerable Nights

Why is it that we often time give into our feelings?  Sometimes going back to that one that always come back is not always wise.  Xem VanAdams has made a return to youtube showing us how to endure those "HARD Summer Days & Soft Vulnerable Nights." In this video he gives us sound doctrine on controlling our personal and romantic lives and how to exist within all the fury and confusion it may bring. Check out the video below.

@KevOnStage How to Trick People Into Thinking You're a Thug

Kevin Fredericks is an entertainer, vlogger, actor, playwright, and many more things that will make you explode with laughter.  He even gives tutorials. Recently he tells us How To Trick People Into Thinking You're a Thug.This video will give you what you need after a tense, stressful day. Come on and laugh...It's Good medicine.  Get into Kev's introduction to Thug Life below.

North Carolina Passes Amendment 1

Welcome to the Bible Belt of the South.  Apparently as of Today North Carolina has passed the notorious Amendment 1. It was promoted as a ban on Same Sex marriage however here are some more things on how it screws traditional marriages, healthcare, as well as domestic violence protections. The ACLU made a list of how sucky things are about to get:

Domestic violence laws protecting people in an unmarried partnerships might be weakened. (This claim has been debated by both sides, and it's still unclear exactly how the law would impact domestic violence victims. Opponents of Amendment 1 say many of North Carolina's domestic violence laws offer special protections to victims who have an established relationship with their abusers. So if the amendment narrows the law to legally recognize only marriages, it might weaken these protective laws for unmarried partners. Supporters of Amendment 1, such as Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger Jr.,contest this claim. Berger said …

@RainbowNoiseEnt The Motto (Homo)

Who is Rainbow Noise Entertainment ? Rainbow Noise Entertainment an entertainment company that specializes in marketing lesbian and gay talent to mainstream audiences without compromising the artists' individual style or gender presentation. As Gay and Lesbian images continue to grow in tmedia, RainbowNoise seeks to set forth responsible and accurate representations within the music industry. ( 
Rainbow Noise Entertainment seeks to break the stereotype of the LGBT Community as well as fully represent diversity in the world.  They have a motto.  Yes Rainbow Noise Entertainment has a motto.  It's simply "Homo."