Boys and Motorcycles

At one time I wanted a motorcycle. I still want one. It's amazing what we dream of as little lads.  I dreamed of having myself at an event on a motorcycle and getting so much attention that I'd be a sex symbol.
Heck I'm still a sex symbol.  I'm just sexy.  Its something to dream about something, but constantly here what type of people do what in an attempt to make you live their dream for you. 
I did that lonf enough.  As I explore the remainder of my 20s I am determined to reach for the stars. I am currently working on my music career.
  My life dream is to be a stellar recording artist.  I aim to reach it.
  I guess I already have my motorcycle. It's my talent and music.  It is going to take me far.  It actually has already taken me to great heights and it isn't done yet.  Well I have my motorcycle.
It is me.

Thoughts On a Sunday

I've had a long day today.  I had to be amongst the religious people all day today.  However, I'm home and I'm sitting my fat butt on this computer typing to you all craving some sweet watermelon.  However, today has been a great day.  I've had to deal with sneers and some looks from religious folks simply because of some moves that I am making for me. It is funny that I catch the most hell from church folks. I ain't scared though, I thank my Luckey Star, that I'm still alive and loving.
  I'm glad that I'm finding myself.  I've been on a whole new vibe.  I'm making things happen in a way where it benefits me regardless of what people say or do.  Just today I made waves, but actually wearing something that shocked the crap out of everyone.  I really stopped caring what people think or do.  It's all about me right now.
  Even though right now I am single, I've stopped looking for a mate and decided to find myself.  I realize that a pe…

@FindingMeTruth Finding Me: The Series

Many of you are familiar with Roger Omeus Jr., the creator and genius behind the hit movie series Finding Me and Finding Me: Truth.  Well the long awaiting "Finding Me: The Series" is here . It brings you up to speed with what happens and will follow, Fabyien, Greg, Amera, Reggie, and the rest of the gang in recent weeks after Finding Me: Truth.
In the first minisode of Finding Me, "Tell It To Yourself"Greg finds that he has some feelings that he must admit to.  Have you ever been there when you really needed to tell yourself what the real tea is? Let's see how Greg Does Below.

Live in the Sunshine #RETWEET

"Live in the Sunshine," is what I'm doing now.  For a while, I had been suffering from burn out.  I've been overworked, irritated, agitated, pissed of, and really tired.  However, it has often taken an epiphany to wake me out of things. For that I am thankful.  I've decided to make some changes.
  I understand that I must crawl before I walk, but I do believe that things are about to shift for my greatness not just for my good. I've set some plans in motion and I've made plans. I'm going to do what Ralph Emerson told me to do "Live in the Sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the Wild Air."
  To me that means "Live Your Life, BOY!!!!"  Living is what I'm about to do.  I've stopped worrying about being single, being broke, and all this other malarkey and bull crap, and I've decided to take life as it comes.  I understand I'm going to have to use wisdom, but that's life. You live and you learn.
 It's funny that I&…

@JanetJackson to Produce Transgender Documentary "Truth"

Thank God for celebrities like Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson has been a support of the kids for ages foretold.  Recently Jackson has signed on to be executive produce of a documentary concerning Transgender people around the world. The documentary will be entitled "Truth." Brainchild Films, based out of New York, announced on Monday that Jackson is working on the documentary and is going to do on camera interviews.  The film goes into production this summer and will focus on the lives and struggles of transgender persons.   Jackson has been stated as making the film to stop discrimination of the Transgender community.  “Truth” is under the direction of Robert Jason, who previously directed a documentary for The Style Network on four transgender New Yorkers. He says “Truth” will feature stories from throughout  North America, Europe, Australia and Latin America.


I've sought my liberation.  My hour of salvation is now!  Last night a friend and I were having a conversation concerning my current plight and the situation with my living and some dysfunctional family problems.
  Too long have I let my family be the reason I'm holding myself back.  I've been so stepping on places lightly, but I refuse to do that.  Even if they don't like the steps I'm making, I've got to live my life and I've got to prosper.
  The sad thing is that they want so bad to reap from MY success. Sorry but it ain't happening.  Its my time not your time.  It kills me that people want to be lazy and squander off of your success. I can't allow that to happen. I've been down to long.  I desire better for myself. And to that one aunt that reads this blog and loves to keep mess started: THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE AND THANK YOU FOR THE PUBLICITY. I AM GROWN AND THANK YOU. LOVE YOU!!!!

Rainy Days and Mondays Get Me Down