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@SweetAddictions Hip Hop Going Gay?

I live for Candy Of Sweet Addictions TV. This diva keeps it real and raw.  In a recent video she discusses the coming out of singer and Hip Hop Artist Frank Ocean.  She poses the question "is Hip Hop really ready for an out gay artist?"  Get into the video below.



Rain, Rain, Go Away

For the last few days, it has been raining and it has been wreaking havoc on internet services, phone services, and my Dish Network services.  I've been in the house resting and cleaning some. I've also been working on this blog.
  It seems that it's been raining not only in the physical sense, but in the natural in my life.  It seems as if in my love life rain has fallen.  In my finances and even with some friendships, but however I am thankful for the rain.
  When it rains plans are often disrupted and we have to wear our rain boots and rain coats, but the gear protects us.  We must be reminded that the rain is all apart of God's plan.
 How can it be apart of God's plan?  Well the rain makes things grow.  It makes us grow as a person.  Be reminded that trials comes to make us strong. They help us build character and it also helps us become patient and fixes errors within our own self, but in the physical sense I want the rain to go away so I can have some fu…

No More Dead Weight!!!

Have you ever had people in your life that always dropped their problems on you?  Have you you ever had people put you in the face of the problems that they don't want to deal with?    I've had that happen more times than one.  What's so bad is that is if family who's doing it.  Tonight a drunken relative came to my grandmother's house. Guess who was left to deal with the mess?  ME!!!! I was so dang happy!!! I did pray and I just moved out of the way and sat down and began blogging.   Why is it that in order to avoid trouble and to run away people will dump their problems on you?  The more they dump on you the more weighed down you are and you are unable to fly.  When you have other peoples' problems you can't reach your full potential.   In this year I've made a sound decision; NO MORE DEAD WEIGHT. DANGUM IT I'M TIRED!!!  NO MORE DEAD WEIGHT!!!  As I sat there and forced my family to deal with the drunk relative, I could tell that it pissed them…

@BradleyShow Meet Your Own Expectations

What do you do when people have set unrealistic expectations? Well the host of The Bradley Showtells us to meet our own expectations.  We've got to learn how to what he says "Live, Love, and Be Free." Check out the video below.

I Look To You

What do you when you've done all that's within your power?  When you've exhausted every resource of yours? I've learned in my 26 of existence that God is the author and the finisher of our faith. We must lean to him for all things.  I just simply look to you.