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7 Days of Me: Day 6: Stepping Back

Today has been one eventful day today.  Apparently some people think I'm fake, because they heard me tell someone the truth.  Anyway, in order to really see what the issue is and why certain individuals are behaving a certain way, I've began to step back.
  It's very necessary.  In these 7 day so much has transpired.  I see something about to explode and I refuse to be apart of it.  That's why I'm stepping back.  It's funny though, every since some of my associates have discovered that I'm moving to DC its been attitudes thrown and its been an issue.  No one will really come out and say it.  Its obvious in there actions, what they say, how they act, even in this situation today.  Its obvious. However, I've talked to them.
  I guess they don't think I'm actually going to do it. I AM.  I'm just gonna sit back and let God do His Thing.  Sometimes stepping is crucial, so you can see what's really going on.  It may be somethings undercov…



7 Days of Me: Day 5: Relaxing, ITS FRIDAY!!!

ITS FRIDAY!!!!. I made it through the week successfully.
  Well it is day 5 of the 7 Days of Me.  I must admit that this week has been different for me.  I haven't been complaining or bitching about my uncle or about my life.  I've just been mellow.  I haven't really had a bad week. Its been challenging at work, but I made it.
  Tonight is Friday and I'm home alone.  I'm not complaining. It could bitch and moan about it, but I refuse to do that.  My life is too precious.  So what I'm single. Its a reason why I'm single and I have to understand it. I have to accept it.
   I know that I'm being prepared for the mate that will compliment and add to my life. That will accept me flaws and all femininity, my career, and the God in me.   I know he's on the way.  I just have to learn what to do in those "lonely" times. Right now I'm not lonely I'm glad to be in me time. I'm at home in all my glory and I'm relaxed. I'm cooki…

7 Days of Me: Day 4: Insecurities and Joe Biden

Well, today has been a quite a day.  It is almost the end of my work week and for that I am happy!!!  As I blog, I am watching the Vice-Presidential debates.  Right now Joe Biden is hitting it and putting up a fight. However, Paul Ryan, or is it Paula? Is putting up a fight as well.  Now back to me...
  Since, this week has come in, I have been praying concerning the areas of insecurity that I am dealing with.  For some reason, things that were done and said to me during my childhood have come to make me second guess myself and make me insecure.  Even the experience that I went through with a church that I used to be apart of and that I thankfully left.
  Whenever you're used to people telling you that you are wrong for dressing this way, liking this type of music, for dancing this way, or for just being you and always being reprimanded and lied to concerning what God says, then you'd have the issues that I do.
  One incident in particular that stays in my mind was one time,…



7 Days of Me: Day 3 Its Hump Day and I've Been Pushed

Today is Hump Day!!! It's that one day of the week that let's you know you've made it to the middle and still have a couple more days to the freaking weekend.  It may have challenges, ups and downs, but all shall be well.
  Today as apart of the 7 Days of Me plan, I've been getting in tune with myself. Today I really I had to catch myself because I was agitated at a simple mistake that I had made at work. Everything was corrected, but I was ill because My day had started out so perfect, but then this happened and that one particular co-worker worked my dangum nerves today.  However, I did like I've done most of this week, I remained prayerful.  It was difficult in all the chaos, but just as long as I was able to say "Lord, Help," or a "Thank you, Jesus," or just call on Jesus, I was okay.  I knew that if I could just make it through this shift, I would be okay.
  Today has been a day that I have been pushed to get what I need and want.  I had…