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Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, CT: One Week Later

It's been a week since the horrible, "Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy," in which Adam Lanza killed 26 individuals including himself.  He killed 20 first graders as well as 6 administrators.
  A week later people are still asking what kind of evil would do such a thing.  I am wondering myself . The Bible Does say in Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Unfortunately, its more spiritual than anything.
  My heart goes out to those families burying loved ones, children, babies, right around Christmas time.  It hurts me and I didn't have anyone involved directly.  I also keep in mind the Lanza Family.  I know they are hit hard by this tragedy.  A son, a brother, a cousin, took innocent lives due to mental illness and something internal.  He also killed his mother.  That's two losses and questions that…

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Prayers for Newtown, CT : Sandy Hook Elementary School We Remember

Many of you are aware of the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on yesterday.  Let us keep the community of Newton, Connecticut in our prayers.  Let's pray for the families of the victims, injured, as well as as the family of the shooter.  His family is suffering and grieving the loss, but also the deaths that happened at his hands.  Now is not the time for politics.
  This tragedy comes only days before Christmas. Let's all come together, lay aside the politics, and just simply show love,

The Love of Pi

The love of Friends and Family is very important to me. Especially at this point and time in my life.  I've ran into a brief health crisis.  Since I've found out that I'm dealing with an illness, which I won't disclose at this moment, I thank God for a special blogger. He is Thaddeus "PiMusique" Works of the PIMUSIQUE EXPERIENCE.
  Mr. PiMusique is a mentor and a great friend to me.  We may not get the opportunity to talk everyday, but his conversations and advice is very beneficial.  Throughout my waiting on results and readings. He was there and is there to encourage, make me think long and hard, and to correct me.  For that I am thankful.  Words really can't explain how I feel right now to have not only PiMusique, but some key people in my life that support me, even when my family decides to act dysfunctional.
  I just want to say thank you to my mentor, Thaddeus aka PiMusique for everything,
Love ya,

Monday Thoughts: 4 Years

Wow, Its been 4 years of blogging for me this week.  I've been through many transitions and many names. Who can forget, Black Male Perspective, Confessions of a Preppy, and nowMusique's Poetry.   There were good times and there were bad times.
  I remember starting a blog in 2008. I was a college student at Winthrop University at the time and I saw people blogging and I wanted to get in on the action.  I'm glad I've done it.
  Writing is such a release for me and It has come in very handy over the course of the last few years.  Through ups and downs, writing allows creative juices to flow and I'm able to soar high above the earth.  With this blog, you are able to reach into the deep crevices of my mind and the inner workings of this eccentric Black Man in the South Who's Making His way to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia Areas)on next year.  This is something that I should've done back in 2007, but that's a long story that I don't want to go into.

Where I've Been

Many of you have noticed that I've been a way much of this week.  Thank you all for your love and concern.  This week I've been busy working, churching, and actually resting some.  It has been much needed.  I have been feeling burnt out and stressed, but however, I am making it. I am determined to survive this week's challenges.    This week has really been a challenge concerning my body.  I've been fighting colds and crap.  I am healed in Jesus name!!! I refuse to be sick, however, I know when to get rest.  Just chiming in for you all, Musique I'm out on limb!!!