From Your Lips to My Heart

You have a way with words.
I can't explain how they make me feel.
Never have I fallen in love.
From your lips to my heart
there was a connection.
Your words missed my ear
and they went straight to my heart.
From your lips to my heart,
came life .
Now that we're heart to heart
Our bond is stronger.
There is something about your words.
They are more than words.
They are actions.
From your lips to my heart,
is the unconditional love that you've given me.
Now that we're heart to heart.
There's no where to go but foward.


Hey family,
  Its Sunday and we are all out of church.  Sit back watch the football games, eat Sunday Dinner, and relax.  Take a load off.


Right now, Family, I am over some people right now.  I'm not gonna even ask why.  I have my answer.
  I'm in a situation in which someone has left a religious organization that I'm apart simply because of the fact that I wouldn't allow them to act and have a meeting.  Nothing was wrong with having the meeting, but there is protocol is to be followed. Apparently they didn't want to follow that protocol. So a week after the refusal of the meeting, they leave the organization and have trashed me and some other figures in the organization.
  Whats so funny about this whole situation is that they never breathed the issues to anyone until tonight.  It is so petty.  I've come to the conclusion that in 2013 I'm over pettiness. Instead of addressing something, one would run and just stay tight lipped. Well that's their problem not mine.

@RogueNScott Bad Kissers

There's nothing like kissing. Kissing is a fun part of dating, relationships, or any type of special physical activity. Don't you hate it when you have that one person that just can't kiss? They either slobber, bite, or just have stank breath.  Rogue Marbie Scott agrees that bad kissers suck!!! This Youtube star and blogger covers all kinds of kissers that constitute BAD KISSERS!!!

Sir I'm Not a B**CH!!!!


@ScissorSisters Let's Have a KiKi

Honey, "Let's Have a KiKi!" Have you ever wondered what that meant?  Well the definition is interchangeable. However,  Scissor Sisters gives us a full lesson on what a "KiKi" is with their hit "Let's Have a KiKi." The dance groove will have you dancing.  This hit comes from their album "Magic Hour"which is available on iTunes.

Loving Hard

Pictured above is Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood (l to r). They have portrayed Noah and Wade on the hit series, "Noah's Arc."  To some they represent true love and serve as a model relationship. They managed to come back together in the movie version "Jumping the Broom," in which they finally tied the knot.
  As I think about this fictional power couple, I think of my own love life.  After dealing with an ex, I realize that when I love I love hard. I love with my all and hope to get that in return.  Often times I am let down and I have to go through that process of withdrawing that love interest from that person. Its a tough process, but its true, time heals wounds.
  After a dealing with my ex and being let down, I realized, that I still love my ex.  For the last year I've been trying to break free of the memories, the love, even the passion shared.  I've had lovers since this particular ex. However, my heart is still attached to this particular …