Living with HIV: 8 Months Later

Many of you know what HIV is.  HIV is a lentivirus (slowly replicating retrovirus) that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), if not treated.  With recent advancements in technology and medicine, many people are living healthy lives and are productive citizens.  HIV does not discriminate nor does it have anyone's name attached to it. It can affect anyone.
  November 29th, 2012 proved a pivotal point in my life as I was diagnosed with HIV.  That day was life changing for me. Granted I have dated those who have HIV and have friends who have HIV and I've even had those close to my heart die of AIDS related issues, but to have actually contracted it completely changed me.  I refuse to look at it as a negative event in my life.
  I admit that I did not use wisdom during certain activities and also the person whom I contracted it from could've known and lied or they may not have known their status. Nevertheless it is in my life, but it doesn't have my life.

Thoughts and Ideas

Here Lately,
  I've had many thoughts and ideas for this blog. I've actually thought about self hosting, but I wonder if my busy life really allows for me to do that.  I understand that I am going to really have to step my game up in order to do that, but I will start taking baby steps.  I will do my best to cover much more ground, but hey life changes and things get hectic.  As an LGBT blogger, you have to be mindful and make sure that you give the people what they want.  That is why I am making a comeback in a sense.  Great things will be coming from Musique's Poetry. Just you wait and see.

Love ya,

Be the Change You Desire

@BSLADE "Six Years Old"

 B. Slade has done it again!!!! He has released another hard hitting, soul riveting melodic orgasm to us all.
Six Years Old is a song showing his soul at the tender age of 6 years old.  WOW. The vocals will give you the metaphorical sensation of " a six year old trying to survive in a society that [he] was not given the proper tools to cope with." In this ballad of the year of six. B. Sladereveals a truth that not many may be aware of. Get into Six Years Oldbelow.

Six Years Old by @BSLADE

Monday Thoughts


Finding Love Within

You know, Finding Love, can be a job of sorts.  Often times we make lists of what we want and what we don't want. Sometimes we make realistic goals and sometimes we make some not so realistic goals. Sometimes we rush to find love, not realizing that we are lacking something key; LOVE WITHIN!!!
  Love from within is that love that you have for yourself. Despite what other people tell you, you know that you are worthy of love. You must love yourself enough not to let anyone use or abuse you.  That love from within causes you to dig in deep and find that strength to fight on another day.  Finding that love within means that you accept yourself regardless of what haters may say.
  Lover yourself before trying to love someone else!!!