Meeting Me

Hello Everyone,
  I may or may not be on much this weekend.  I am headed to Columbiana, AL to meet up with my birth mom for the first time as well as my brother and sister.  This is a momentous occasion as well. Not only will I be meeting another part of me, I will also be witnessing my baby sister getting married.  I'm overjoyed yet nervous.  I am thankful to God for this opportunity. I will be blogging about this adventure.

Wentworth Miller "Prison Break" Star Comes Out

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Prison Break, star Wentworth Miller has come out as gay.  He made the revelation after declining an invitation to  Russia's St. Petersburg International Film Festival.  He states as posted on the GLAAD Website"as a gay man, I must decline. I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government."

Actor, Wilson Cruz states that Miller's bold decision"sends a powerful message to LGBT Russians, who are facing extreme violence and persecution: you are not alone."  

Wentworth Miller's confession comes amid international damnation of the tough Russian laws targeting Russian LGBT.

You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Cover by the Bradley Show)


@BradleyShow If I Ain't Good Enough

@MrJoWork "Feeling Myself/Touch It Tip It" Official Music Video

JoWork has done it again!!! "Feeling Myself" and "Touch It Tip It" will have you twerkin' for the Gods!!! Get into his official video below. You can also download his mixtapeMissing Formula now!!!! The download link is as follows: (You can also click the highlighted bold red words for links to JoWork!)

This Got me Feeling Myself Right Now!!!

Your Vision is For You

What is a vision? Vision is often times described as prophetic or something that we anticipate.  We all have a vision.  Whatever vision that we have it is important to you.  Whenever one has a vision, they value it and it is something that they sleep, eat, live, and breathe.     The funny thing about the vision, it is for you.  When I say that your vision is for you, it is hand crafted and designed by God just for you. It isn't for you to be selfish, but to help others and inspire others to go for their vision, live their best life and to shoot farther than the stars.   Your vision is for you to keep going when everyone else says that it impossible.  We must be careful who we tell our vision(s) too. Why? Because not everyone will value our vision.  Some will tear it down while others will try to manipulate it for their own good.     Your vision is for you.  Don't let anyone else take charge of it.  IT IS YOUR VISION.  Habakkuk teaches us that it may tarry for a moment, but i…