Iced Tea and Relaxation

Saturday is here and I'm stuck behind a desk, however I am working!!! However, this Saturday is going to be a day of relaxation for me. For the past few weekends, I've been working, performing, or either traveling. This Saturday is going to be different for me however.   After work and rehearsal, I'm going home to rest and relax. I'm going to curl up with a good movie and sip on some iced tea and enjoy me, myself, and I!!! Heck, I may even enjoy a hot bath tonight.  ME TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!   It is something when you some "ME" time.  It allows you to regroup and rechannel your energy. It gives you a break from the fast pace and rat race of life.   When was the last time you had some R&R? Try it. You won't be disappointed.

♫Musique's Poetry♫

@DavidPakManShow Police Officer Tricks Autistic Boy Into Buying Weed and then Arrests Him

Meet Mr. David Pakman. He is the hard hitting host of the political, The David PakMan Show.  In a recent video David talks about a police officer who tricks an autistic teen into buying marijuana and then arrests him. Click Here for more reports from David Pakman. Check out the report below.

Girl Gets Caught Walking in the Hood With Pillows In Her Shorts

Don't Let this Happen To Your Daughter!!!

@BryNtMusic "Money" (Unreleased)

"He Said I'm Lookin' Like Money." These words ring and make you wanna twerk it out. Bry'Nt along with Royal Rocka present to you the unreleased "Money."This track will make you get up and dance like MONEY!!!!
  Be on the look out for Bry'Nt's album "PARK." Also Click HERE to get his singles "Time is Up" and "Keep the Streets."  Get into "Money,"  below.


Hello Everyone,    In honor of National Coming Out Day I am proud to be a Black GAY MAN!!! I've been out and proud since 2010.  It was a long struggle and battle, but I finally can admit I'm Gay and Proud.   I encourage those who want to end the struggle, Come on out of the prison better known as the closet.  When you begin to hold yourself captive because of others ignorance, then you can't thrive like you should; FREE AND HAPPY.  IT'S NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY: EXPRESS WHO YOU ARE AND LOVE WHO THE HELL YOU WANT TO LOVE!!!

@Edugaytion Professionals

Meet Johnathan, Dakota, Danny, Ian, and Patrick. They make up the crew of Edugaytion. In their series The Bottom Line, they hit hard hitting topics such as sex, religion, music, and other topics that affect not only the GLBT Community, but the world as a whole.
  In a recent video, the crew along with special guest, Anthony, the crew discusses being Gay and handling yourself in a professional manner.  They discuss how and how not to act when you're in a professional environment and basically how to carry yourself as a member of the GLBT Community. Click HERE to subscribe and click HERE to follow on Twitter. Get into the video below.


Many of you know that I have plans on moving to the Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia area.  Please help me as I set forth my goal to leave the South. No, I don't hate the South, but there are somethings I must do for me. ClickHereto support Destination DMV. You can also click on the image above. Thanks, Musique