Here's to the Weekend

It's the weekend. Enjoy it. Be Safe and Don't Over do it!

Happy Friday 13th


♫Musique's Poetry♫ Undergoing Construction

Hey Family,
  Over the next few days, This blog will be under construction. I'm having to rework the comments section after having some complaints about comments not appearing. I'm hoping that I can rework it by Monday. Only time will tell. If recent comments aren't showing up or are deleted, I do apologize. I'm trying my hardest to keep things working in a smooth fashion.  In the meantime, enjoy what Musique's Poetry has to offer.

Rest and Relaxation

Over the last few days , I have been having some me days. No work, No roommates, and no craziness. I've been doing my best not to take a blogcation. How can I?
  Well I've been relaxing and resting which is much needed. Tonight, I plan on taking a hot bath and relaxing with "American Horror Story" and "Criminal Minds." This is the perfect night for it.
  I have one more day of rest and relaxation for myself. I do plan on working on some music and getting my mind together.
  Remember, rest and relaxation is key to make your life easier. It also helps you focus. Take time to free your mind.
Love ya,


American Horror Story is my new Wednesday guilty pleasure.  I love Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and Jessica Lange as they grace the screen with their beauty and bewitching characters.  If you've kept up with it there is an obvious war between Voodoo and Witches which could be also seen as a racial war between Black and White, however that's another story for another day.
  Many of you know that I don't watch television a lot. I'm more of a book worm and a blogger, however I do stay abreast of current events. Tune into American Horror Story Coven tonight at 10pm on FX. Check your local listings for your area's channel.


Happy Birthday to Grandmother Musique

Well Today is an exciting and meaningful day today.  Today is my Grandmother's 77th Birthday. I am excited because my grandmother is an example of a survivor and the epitome of a role model.
  When I first came under my father's custody in 1986 my Grandmother practically raised me and even though I am 27 years of age, Grandma is still raising me.  I thank God for my grandmother because if it had not been for the God in her life I wouldn't be in church nor would I have my love for music.
  I remember as a kid on weekends and during the summer staying up late listening to the Caravans, the Clark Sisters, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Ella Fitzgerald, and even listening to "the Nutcracker" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.  My grandmother along with other relatives made sure I had music lessons and obtained a degree in music. Not to mention my grandmother had me singing in church.
  I thank God for my Grandmother's meals. Homegirl can burn in the kitchen. I especial…

The Clark Sisters - Looking to Get There (Live in Atlanta)