I Can't Trust You Because You're Gay

Unfortunately, with religious people being gay is tough.  There is so many misconceptions, stigmas, and ignorant comments made about homosexuality and hate for the LGBT Community.  With the Black Church especially, there is a hatred and a conception that the Gays are on a mission to convert others and to destroy families. It would seem that a place that was meant to show love and have a heart for all people, just like Jesus, the church tends to think less of the gays and more of the pimps in the pulpit and those he abuse the Gospel for a quick buck.   There have been times as a musician that I've been apart of ministries that have found out that I was gay and there response was "we can help you get delivered,"  or "well we can't trust you if you're gay." Those comments not only hurt, but they pissed me off. Why should whom I choose to love and something that God placed me in conflict with my love for music and me serving God? It doesn't.   A few …

Dr. King Did Not Die for Us to Twerk!!!

Hey Guys. Have we forgotten what Dr. King lived and died for? Here's a little of how I feel about recent flyers that I've seen on Facebook and other venues.

Is All That Necessary?

What is the definition necessary? Necessary is defined as important in order to achieve a specific result, or desired by authority or convention. In life we have to often be reminded of the definition of necessary.  It could come in terms of people, places, things, or even ideas.   Have you ever been friends with someone or dated someone with a lot of  baggage and to everyone else it seemed unnecessary or pointless, but to the one holding on to the baggage it had some type of relevance?  You then ask that friend or partner "Is all of that really necessary." Seeing the bitterness and unwillingness to move on can cause one to question what happened in the past and why it is causing the person to be stuck in the rut they are in.   Well in life we have to examine if the baggage and sometimes people that we are holding on to are important to us in order for us to go further in our life. We have to answer if it is useful or is it causing you to be weighed down. You have to ask yo…

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929 - April 4th, 1968

Happy Birthday to a humanitarian, a hero to the world, and man of strength. Thank you for daring to dream, and bursting hate at the seam. Your legacy lives on for this, Black Man who dares to dream for civil rights for all. Some, I will appall, but your legacy and vision still stands tall. Thank you and Happy Birthday

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Angela Bassett - #AmericanHorrorStory

I am absolutely loving Angela Bassett as "Marie Laveau" in American Horror Story: Coven. Angela is giving them witches a run for their money. I am loving this season. I wonder what tonight's episode is going to bring to us tonight. Will this be the ruin of Fiona and Marie? Will Zoe Reign as the Supreme? Will Misty make a comeback? Is Queenie dead? Guess you'll have to watch it on FX Next Wednesday at 10pm.

The Sanctity of Marriage


I'm Changing

I'm in a state of changing. I'm life Effie White from "Dreamgirls," I'm trying every way I can. In preparation for this move to DC this year, I'm doing all I can to have the financial portion done, the residential providence taken care of and making sure I'm mentally, spiritually and emotionally prepared. Not to mention that this week I am changing my routine.
  I haven't been sleeping as I should, which is partly my fault.  I've been staying up late trying to burn the midnight oil and trying to get a lot of things done, which really I need to take it one step at a time.  I'm trying not to burn out in this season and burn out is something that I cannot afford.  I do believe that things are working out for me.
  This week, I may go a head and get back into the gym.  I need to do something to relieve stress and relax and not worry so much about things.  I am planning to travel more this year as well and enjoy my life.  I do believe that as …