It's the Weekend

It's the weekend and I'm enjoying it so far. I got to see one of my favorite singers last night...the dynamic Queen of the B3 Hammond Organ, TWINKIE CLARK!!!! If you all have kept up with my Facebook, Twitter, and this blog, you know I'm a Clark Sisters groupie.
  Now that everything is said and done, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my weekend and have time with my friends and potential mate (that will be discussed at a later time). I'm still celebrating my birthday and helping one of my close friends celebrate his birthday as well.

Love ya,

Writers Block

I hate having writers block. Whenever, I sit down to write and I don't know what to write, then I get frustrated, mean, and surly. It is like sitting on the toilet and finding out that you're constipated. You just sit there and nothing happens. It's not that fatal, but it makes you feel like you are going to die.
  With that being said, I guess I'll end this blog entry lol

Fred Phelps, Founder of Westboro Baptist Church Dead at 84

Founder of the anti-gay church, Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps has died at the age 84. Phelps and his "church" is known to attract attention for protesting at military funerals as a way to proclaim the belief that God is punishing America for its tolerance of homosexuality, died late Wednesday. WBC stated on onen of their websites "Fred W. Phelps Sr. has gone the way of all flesh."  The church did not release a cause of death.
 I know that this man spewed hate and bigoted religious views, but that shouldn't stop us from keeping his family in prayer. Although he showed hatred "in the name of Jesus" we should be bigger and show love and kill hatred with love,
Musique aka Bradley

Thursday Thoughts


It's Hump Day from Big Gay Al!!!



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