Turning 28 and Living

Well many of you know that 14 days ago I turned 28. Don't I make it look good?  I'm so glad that I have made it this far. Again I thank you all for the love that you've shown me and the birthday wishes and gifts!!!!
  Many of you know that recently I was diagnosed as HIV positive. My best friend Senor Paco along with my Bestie Varron encouraged me that this was not my end, but my beginning!!!.
  I'm excited about life at this point because I'm currently undetectable, healthy and living, loving and being free.  Many people think of one being HIV positive of one being sick, and near death. That is not the case. HIV is the virus that, if left untreated, could progress to full blown AIDS.  Many people are positive and do not know it because they don't get tested or they just feel that not knowing is better. Knowing is the best policy for yourself and others.
  It is important to know your status by getting tested and knowing your partners status and being honest…

#FLASHBACKFRIDAY Labelle-Lady Marmalade

Let Me Be Me 3/27/2014

Earlier this week, my dearest uncle and I had a conversation about me and my life.  I had been spending some of my vacation time with him seeing as I had free time and didn't have to worry about going to work.  I was going to head home to my lovely abode to have some me time and he got upset and said "I thought you were going to spend some time with me."
  My reply was "I have space that I pay rent for and I'm going back there...Dang, Let me be me."  He then goes on a tirade about me taking certain jobs to benefit him and my family.  Again I looked at him and said "not with me you won't. You're a grown man. I'd help you if you needed but you're not about to live off me."
Of Course I can tell that we was heated. I really don't care. That's one reason why I'm like Cheryl Pepsii-Riley, LET ME BE ME!!!  I've lived for my family for far too long and I know they are pissed because I've decided to please myself and G…


It's the Middle of the work week for some. Relax the weekend is almost here. Smile and work it in style. Musique

When It's My Time it Will Be

Alot of people have been asking me, "Why aren't you dating." I know that I've written about this many times before. I've even listed my reasons for being single.  I've recently gotten back into the dating game. Yes I'm finally making time to stop and smell the flowers!!!! However, I am not in a rush to find that special someone.   It is funny though I saw a picture on Tumblr, that read "if you are a single, Gay, Black Man over 30, then you should stop trying." I so disagree with that saying. That sounded it like it came from either a jaded sugar-baby that has been scorned trying to play older men or some jackass who is over 30 and married or in a relationship.
  Now honey, sugar, sugar boo-boo, I'm 28 and single. I've had my share of relationships, flings, and cut buddies, but I'm at the stage of my life where I am preparing to accomplish some major dreams and it would be nice to have someone to share that with. Even if I don't…

It's Monday....I Need a Xanax


Sunday Morning and I Love It

It's Sunday. A day that many of us rest or either worship in our respective religious sects. I'm reminded of the hit "Easy like Sunday Morning."
My week has been blessed and I love Sundays because it is not only my favorite day of the week, but it holds so many fond memories.
  One of my favorite memories take me back to living with my grandmother. On Sunday mornings she would cook breakfast and wake us up to get ready for church.  My aunt would pick us all up for church and then we'd go to church and sing.
  After church, we'd have dinner and have family time. I absolutely loved it. As I've grown older than tradition has changed, however we still manage to get together for that family bond.
  Thank God for Sunday Morning.