Enjoy Your Weekend

Smile. It's the Weekend. Go enjoy your life!!! I'll be back Monday with more posts Musique



#TBT Memories of Musique

The above picture is from when I was in middle school.  I think I may have been in 7th or 8th Grade.  It was spring time and the flowers were blooming at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina.  Look at that handsome boy in the picture above LOL
     This memory is one of my favorite memories because I really found out how handsome I really am.  This picture catches me in a happy moment.  I recall that moment vividly. I was happy.  Although, I've struggled with self esteem, This picture captures me in a new essence throughout my teens.
 This is my "Throwback Thursday."

I Don't Do Faggotry

For people that know me, you all know that I don't do faggotry.  As a blogger, I've encountered those who have wanted to start with me because of my point of views, who I follow, who's following me, and what I decide to do on MY blog.
  Now this blog post my offend some but oh well.  With recent Gossip about Rev. Charles Jenkins and the apparently photoshopped picture because some unknown and irrelevant blogger is upset and bitter about his life, the gears in my mind started turning.  I said to myself "Bradley, that's why I'm glad I don't do faggotry."
What is faggotry? Faggotry is unnecessary drama brought on by people who have nothing going for themselves and are just too lazy to try to make a great thing out of their lives. Faggotry is the reason why so many Black Gay men are looked down upon and shunned because we often times and unfortunately fit the negative stereotype.
  Why do you feel the need to trash someone? Is it because 1. they didn&#…

@Dogooderdan For the Bible Tells Me So

Daniel Karslake has caused controversy with his documentary "For the Bible Tells Me So."  Why is it so controversial? Well It deals with the conflict between Christianity and Homosexuality. The documentary includes interviews from religious parents, LGBT Members, Theologians, as well as personalities and clergymen, Bishop V. Gene Robinson. Narration is done by the late Don La Fontaine. This film will challenge your theology and causes you to think about the real meaning of some words in one of the most cherished books of the world. Get into "For the Bible Tells Me So," below.

Monday Blues

Oh No It's Monday Lord Help Us!!!

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

For those of the Christian Faith this is the time we celebrate Christ's resurrection.  Not only celebrate His dying, but celebrate His resurrection and the fact that since He lives, you live as well. Your purpose is not dead!!! Your dreams are not dead!!!
  Spring time is a time when new life begins and Right now we are all walking, talking, and breathing in new life.
                                               Happy Resurrection Day!!!