Change is Necessary

One thing that I've learned in life that is constant is change.  Change means that everything shifts, becomes new, or holds a new position.  Change may not always be how we want it, but it is necessary.
  Change may not feel comfortable, but it is necessary. Change may mean we loose some friends and loose some possessions, but it is necessary.
Change is necessary.

Change is Necessary #YoutubeAWeek14

via IFTTTChange isn't always comfy, but its necessary. Destination DMV: Bradley's Music: Change isn't always comfy, but its necessary. Destination DMV: Bradley's Music:

Have a Killer Friday 13th

OH NO IT'S FRIDAY 13th!!!! Y'all have a "Killer Friday." Just don't be the killer (Smile) I have a busy weekend, So the posts over the next couple days will keep you updated on life and what's going on. Love ya Musique


Hey Y'all it's the SOOOOOUUUULLLLL TRAAAAIIIINNNN!!!! How many of you all remember the hit television show "Soul Train"  with the late Don Cornelius. This television show was a landmark show, which began production October 02, 1971 and ended March 25, 2006, helped launch many careers of many artists such as TLC, Chaka Khan, The O'Jays, Karen Clark Sheard, and Many others. Many television shows such as "The Fresh Prince," parodied the show as well as allowing Soul Train awesome Cameos On the show. Everyone's favorite part of "Soul Train" was the Soul Train line where the men  and women would boogie down . If you know "Soul Train," history singer, Jody Watley, of Shalamar fame, got her start as a dancer on "Soul Train." Let's take a trip down memory lane and hitch a ride on the SOUL TRAIN!!!!

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I Am Dirty (The Video)

Hello Everyone. Here is one of my latest youtube videos. It is part 2 of the blog post "I am Dirty."

Destination DMV and Thanks

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! All is well and I speak blessings over you all. Before I get started I want to thank the latest contributor and friend to Destination DMV, Dean for his contribution in helping me meet my goal.  I want to thank you all for sharing and contributing thus far. I'm still job hunting. I'm praying that something will open up soon. If you all have any leads, please comment on this post, Musique

Sweet Baby Jesus ...It's Monday

Oh Hell It's Monday... Musique