Beautiful Saturday

Hey everyone It's Saturday. Stay beautiful, keep your head up, and relax. I will be back to regular posting on Monday

There Are No Signs of DL Behavior

Over the course of the last couple weeks, I've noticed an increase in "writers," and "bloggers" attempting to expose even more Gay men. There has been recent attempts especially on the Down Low Man in the Black Community.   The fact that often times scorned Black Women, Bitter Queens Spurned by Love gone wrong, and those who have had a bad experience account for those who want to give "sure fire signs" of telling if someone is an Undercover Gay or Lesbian.  Do not even get me started on religious figures and those good ole gay bashing Christians who are most of the times the main ones indulging in the homosexual lifestyle.   A couple days ago I had tweeted about down low men and those who are closeted marrying in hopes that it would make them straight and those that marry to disguise that they are Gay. I had received a reply stating that DL men do it due to being under pressure to do so.  When I clicked on the Tweeter's profile, They had a book …

Destination: Music and Poetic Book tour

via IFTTTSome updates and thank yous Poetic Old Soul Tour: Bradley's Music: Destination DMV: Some updates and thank yous Poetic Old Soul Tour: Bradley's Music: Destination DMV:

Good Friends Don't Judge


Relaxation Time

After a hard days work I find it necessary to come home and relax. I hadn't done much blogging yesterday due to a death in the family.  The last day and a half have been stressful.
   Dealing with crazy people at work and more stress on top of more stress, I think it is time for Musique to relax and to clear his mind for a while.  Trust me it is much needed.
   I'm also trying to figure out what direction to take this blog. I have a lot that I desire to become of this blog. I guess I'll just have to pull some trial and error and see what happens.
Love ya,

You Know Who I Am

You Know Who I Am You've just seen me strut my stuff  and capture the gold. Forget what you've been told, You Know Who I Am. I'm the threat that lurks in the shadows. Aiming high while you're rolling in the lows, I'm picking up the pace, while your picking up your face. You know exactly who I am and what I'm capable of. I'm the threat that makes you upset and even makes you sweat. Hell, Even your booty gets wet. You Know who I am. Your man lusts after me, and it is me you want to be. Darling, You're so fierce as your soul my words do pierce. You're so late  and out of date, but You know who I am.

Tony Dungy Wouldn't Have Drafted Michael Sam "Things Will Happen,"

Gee I wonder what type of "Things" would happen? Acceptance of the TBLG Community?