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The Butch Queen Goes to War Against Effemiphobia and Transphobia

Well this beautiful, Butch Queen has had to go to war against effemiphobia and transphobia on Facebook earlier today. The shade is that the war took place in a Facebook group geared towards the LGBT Community of Color.  It began with me posting a picture of me all made up for my birthday on last weekend, and I had a member that we will call "Sir Idiotic" comment askingwhy did I allow myself to get that bored and stating that I should find something better to do.  Sir idiotic went on a full rant on how much feminine Gay men as well as Transgender family irritate and disgust him.  This ignorant self hating fool had the audacity to state that Black men were bastardized by their parents because they choose to be feminine and not act like "real men."   However, I let this fool rant. But I did not go down with listing the fact that I'm a singer, songwriter, producer, blogger, vlogger, minister, activist, actor, and I work a nine to five.  He then combats with the infa…

DU Battery Saver Will Give You Life #ProductReview

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It Is Revival Time



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Tag: What if Youtube Was a Reality Show?

via IFTTTWhat if Youtube Was a Reality Show? Shout out to SlimChelle: and Mrs. Sherley!!!! What if Youtube Was a Reality Show? Shout out to SlimChelle: and Mrs. Sherley!!!!

How To Get Away With A Bachelor!!!! Premieres April 25 at Spirit Square 7/6C

11TH ANNUAL CHARITY BACHELOR AUCTIONAPR25, 2015·MCGLOHON THEATER AT SPIRIT SQUARE $35 PRESENTED BY: DELTAS OF CHARLOTTE FOUNDATION The Deltas of Charlotte Foundation (DOCF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that partners with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Charlotte Alumnae Chapter. The mission of DOCF is to strengthen the community by implementing and supporting programs that improve the quality of life for women and their families in the greater Charlotte region.  The proceeds from the Bachelor Auction provide financial resources for DOCF to continue its community-based programming. Some of the initiatives that benefit from our efforts include but are not limited to Bright Hopes, Inc., UNCF – The College Fund, Family Matters and Carolina CARE Partnership.  A portion of the proceeds raised during this event benefit the aforementioned charities: For more information, see Reception starts at 6:00PM. - See more at:…