@BruceBarrJr Fairy God Bottom Says?

Meet your Fairy God Bottom, Glitter. She's a supernatural bottom with supernatural advice.  From the inner workings of the mind of my Friend Bruce Barry Jr, Glitter overs some powerful, necessary advice for those who do not want mush on the leaves of love.


Adventures at the Mall

So On Thursday Evening after work, one of my good Judies, Brock and I decided to hit the mall in Greenville, SC.  Well the intent was to do some window shopping and to catch up because it has been over a month since we last saw each other.  This is in part due to my crazy work schedule and the fact that I'm currently in a relationship.
  The visit to the mall was filled with laughter, jokes, shade, reads, and fun. Well As I went into one of the shoe stores looking at some pumps, I walked passed a stocky, Caucasian, yet handsome fellow with dark red hair. As I walked by, I heard him say "Damn, Shit."
  I quickly turned around to see that his eyes were glued to me.  Now I am not gonna lie, a girl felt very special, but let's face it my boyfriend does all of that and more for me.  To make the situation more intense was that there were couches and seats right in front of the shoe store.  Well Stocky Red Head, decides to take a seat and watch me shop for my next pair o…

Michican Gov. Signs Bill Banning LGBT Adoption


Straight Couple Divorces Over Marriage Equality


@BSladeNow WYD #NewMusicAlert

Award Winning, Hard Hitter, and Truth Teller B. Slade is Back with a hot new single!!! "WYD," a common short hand used, is giving life as B. Slade warns us of "niggaz be undercover but trying to blow your cover," and being careful that  you  "please don't let these three letters turn into three other letters."
As CEO Of Suxxess Records, B. Slade slays us with "WYD," which is available on Bandcamp. The Chi-Town Knock will captivate your senses and knock you into an eargasm!!!  Check "WYD" Out Below.

WYD by B.Slade

Billy Graham Calls for A BoyCott


THIS IS THE CHRONICLES OF EFREM: Move over Caitlyn, There’s another Trans Girl snatching a Cover!