Rest in Power to the King of Pop

It's Been 6 years Since You Entered into Eternal Rest. May your legacy live on!!!Rest in Peace, King Michael Jackson!!!

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God Made A Masterpiece


Dear Confederate Flag...I Hope You Die!!!

Dear Confederate Flag, I hope you die a rather painful death. It is only befitting. Aren't you aware that the South Lost? While it may be the White Heritage, It is NOT this Black Queer's Heritage. What I remember about you is that you are a symbol of hatred, violations of a race of people, their civil rights, and a sin against their existence. Dear Confederate Flag, I hope you die. While your ignorant backwoods
bigots yell
"It is our heritage,"
It only represents a faded glory.
You oppressed my people.
While the cry of heritage rings,
The Fact remains that White Supremacy Groups IE
the KKK, Neo Nazis,
Aryan Assholes,
used it as a symbol for their hate.
I hope you die.
No I don't regret.
I hope you die
and burn in hell,
An Angry Black Queer

Baskit Wear ? Ribbed Low Rise Trunk

Janet Jackson-No Sleep #NEWMUSIC

Janet Jackson is BACK!!! Days after announcing her new tour, Janet has released a new track with the talents of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Janet delivers a sultry, seductive hit with "No Sleep." Check it out below. It is also available on  iTunes:
Google Play:

Season of No


#PrayforCharleston and #DylannRoof #BlackLivesMatter


Transracial, Cis-Black? What the Hell? #AskRachel

This Blog post is in no way to demean or shade Rachel Dolezal.
Many of you have heard of the controversy concerning the exposing of Rachel Dolezal to be a White Woman. GASP!!!! There has even been a new phrase coined, one that I find offensive and needs to die quicker than the word Fleek; Trans-racial.   Can someone explain to me what the hell transracial is? Is that a term meant to denote someone portraying another race, other than what they were born? I hope the hell not. While it is an offensive play on the word transgender, I find transracial to be a term that will quickly piss off many and cause some unnecessary shit to happen. How can one change their race? Let me answer that for you, they can't!!! There is no surgery that you can undergo nor is there a procedure that you can undergo in order to change your race, nationality, or ethnic background.   Now before you all attack me, I know what you all are saying. "Well, YaYa, Michael Jackson changed his skin color, theref…