You Can't Be Nobody's Lover

There's a song that Ashford and Simpson did in the Good Old Days of Real Music called "Over & Over."  The song says "Over and Over, Time Again, You can't be nobody's lover, till you're somebody's friend."
  This song has been resonating in my spirit for the last few days. It's something about those original school songs. They had a message. "Over and Over," also covered by the Late Sylvester, has a message of "Being Friends First."
  This song is still relevant to today's society in a time to where things are rushed ie marriage, relationships, life, and death.

As the lyrics teach us, yes you can fall in love with someone and have that strong connection, but take some time to know that person and for that person to get to know you. Don't start planning a wedding on the first date.  I've made that mistake myself a few times.
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