Handover the Turkey and No One Gets Hurt

Should White People Adopt Black Children? @TalkItOut_Pod

As Per Talk It Out Podcasts Episode Description:
TW: suicide In this episode Gabby, Joy, and KT discuss "interracial" adoption and if they think it's a good idea. They then begin discussing why millennials resort to social media for help with their mental illness. Joy and KT get into a heated debate about if people go on there to seek attention. ...They made up later all is well....

Transgender Day of Rememberance

Today Marks, Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Today we speak the names of Transgender people who have been murdered, loss their lives, and have gone on to be with the ancestors.
This year alone there has been 25 trans people predominantly of color killed. There may be many more that have not been reported.
Let's continue to fight for transgender rights and to educate others about transgender life.  It is sad however that people will hear our words but still choose to live under a cloud of ignorance.  Trans lives matter too!!!

Rules for ThanksGiving


Madame Queen

Remember You Are the Madame Queen, Check out My post on Vocal.Media:

Travel Life's Seas


This year has been a great year. I've traveled but not really for pleasure. Most of the time it's been for business, competition, or religious things.  One thing that I haven't done is travel for pleasure. I haven't had the time because I've been so busy working and trying to move to DC.
  The last major vacation I really took was when I went to Haulover Beach in Miami and to attend a ball.  I guess I just want some time away doing what I love to do as far as naturism, touring, partying, and just relaxing for a change.
  I rarely get that opportunity due to finances.  Thankfully, things are getting ready to change and I'm thankful.
Just a quick blog post,