The Fight is on For Net Neutrality

As You know earlier today, the FCC voted in a 3-2 decision to repeal the Obama-era Net Neutrality Protections. Net neutrality kept the internet open and accessible to all. Under the revisions that could take place consumers would be forced to pay fees via internet service providers to access Facebook, Gmail, Twitter.    The argument was made that investments had gone down when infact with Net Neutrality investments had gone up. With net neutrality possibly being repealed, internet providers can slow down, block, or fast lane certain websites, services provided by their competitors and wreak havoc on those that are disenfranchised or living in areas where it has been deemed high speed internet and great services cannot be provided. These fast lanes could mean slow load times, freezing screens, and increased fees on the consumer.
Several republican leaders are using this vote to claim that the internet was too heavily regulated in which it was not. The Net Neutrality protections basi…

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Me and Bitcoin

So I've finally done it. I've joined the bitcoin bandwagon. I recently joined Bitconnect.  I was listening to the Friend Zone podcast earlier and they had some great tips on joining bitcoin and researching the bitcoin "craze." I honestly think that it is something viable to get into. You can join me on bitconnect Please check out the Friend Zone: They will give you all of the information you need. Go ahead, check them out.  Love ya, Yannick

Democrat Doug Jones Defeats Pedophile Roy Moore

Democrat Doug Jones has found himself victorious in Alabama. In a tight finish, he managed to defeat Republican Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual abuse, assault, and misconduct, for the Senate seat left vacant by Sessions.
Despite being backed by Trump and countless other Republifools, Roy Moore has been crushed like a bug with a steel toe boot.  This is the first Democratic victory this red state has seen in a quarter of a century.
This is historical. I'm glad that a majority of the people chose a candidate that didn't have scandal, is not a child molester, nor advocates for grabbing people by their personal parts.
It has been reported that the Black voters were great in numbers. My question is what will Mr. Jones do for those Blacks and Minorities that put him in position. Will he hear their cries or will he just use them to build his wall?
Only time will tell. I must advise that those in Alabama, please that your voice be heard. Don't let anyone run you over.…

Wednesday's Thoughts: Going Through Changes

It's been 2 months since I've started hormone replacement therapy and continued on the journey to "Yannick." It has been a journey and a half. Through mental, emotional, and physical changes, I am processing this better than I thought.
  There has been some challenges. One of those being coming out to my family as a whole. My Mom, Dad, and Step Mom and siblings all know, but however there are a few close relatives such as my Grandmother and Uncle who don't know. Maybe they know or maybe they are in denial. However, I am waiting until I move to the DMV to really come out. The reason being South Carolina won't have to owe me anything.
  I'm getting my mindset back after the passing of my beloved uncle and I'm refocused on the things that I love doing. I don't think people really understand what one with mental illness especially being transgender deal with on a daily basis. Depression and Anxiety is real. I just wish people didn't always give…

Happy Tuesday

Have an outstanding day today. Make today yours.  Remember, A Smile takes less muscles than a frown, Love ya, Yannick

Terry Crews Takes on Adam Venit Via Lawsuit