Black Panther Cast Competes in Compliment Battle


En Vogue is Back with "Rocket"

The Funky Divas are back!!! After there lackluster release "Soul Flower," I must say that En Vogue 
has slammed us with the the hit single "Rocket." Let's give the stylist and stage managers a hand on 
making it look fabulous.
Get into "Rocket" after the jump.

Surviving Valentine's Day as a Single Woman

Well Valentine's Day is Upon Us! While many of us are in a thriving relationship, some of us are single or in the Friend Zone. Well on Black, Trans & Beautiful I discuss surviving Valentine's Day while single. Check out the video below for tips on Surviving Valentine's Day and Some Gift Ideas for Those you love,   Yannick

Finesse Remix Bruno Mars Featuring Cardi B

What's up fam. I know I'm super late with my review on the "Finesse" remix featuring Cardi B. Hell, Life hasn't been a crystal stair here lately. So sue me!! However, I did manage to peep the video. It is absolutely wonderful. Bruno Mars captures the pure essence of 90s R&B. What better way to do that by adding rising star Cardi B to the mix. In the video Bruno and Cardi pay homage to the hit 90s Comedy Sketch Show "In Living Color." It has the fly girls, the paint throwing intro, and the whole New Jack Swing beat to top it off. For the last several weeks since the remix's release, clubs have been bumping and have really taken off. I honestly feel that the 60-90s had some of the best music across the boards. What are your thoughts on the "Finesse" remix?

#ChurchToo: Sexual Abuse and Silencing In the Church w/ @michaelhansen @talkitout_pod

TW: sexual abuse In this episode, Gabby, K.T., and Joy are joined with Michael Hansen, who wrote an article in 2016 about the abuse he suffered at a Memphis church and the coverup of the abuse.
Topics discussed :
- holding people to a legal standard, not just a biblical standard
-victim Blaming
-the double standard in the way the church treats sexual sins
-What can we do to put an end to this toxic culture
- Andy Savage and Highpoint Church
and more!

Sh*tholes R Us

So About Trump's "Shithole," Comments Lord Help the Shithole States of America

Coming February 1, 2018: Naked Colors

Well I have exciting news for you all. Starting on February 1st, 2018, I have a new podcast that will be premiering. It is called Naked Colors. It will be dealing with the Naturist lifestyle. I am very much excited about this podcast. I will also be uploading the videos to youtube. Be on the look out for those. Captions will be enabled for those who are hearing impaired for the Youtube Videos. Get ready to be educated!!!