Number 17 by Dezmen Alexander

Chadwick Boseman is Bae

Enough Said. 

Winston Duke aka "M'Baku" from Black Panther

Behold the Beauty of Winston Duke aka "M'Baku" in Black Panther

Rebranding My Youtube

It's February 20th, 2018 and Youtube has taken away monetization for accounts with under 1000 subscribers and those who do not have at least 4000 view hours. What a way to crap on smaller Youtubers and Black Folks. Anyway. That is the reason why I went to podcasting. So Check out the video after the jump as to what I'm doing in lieu of Youtube. I may still use Youtube to promote Black, Trans, & Beautiful and Naked Colors, Which are my podcasts. There's more than one way to monetize my videos without Google's Monetization. Youtube be doing too much

Black Panther: Stand up. You're a king!!!

What can I say about the Marvel Comic Movie, "Black Panther" except "Wakanda Forever?" I went to see this groundbreaking and highly anticipated film on the opening night. Yes, I plan on seeing it again. Why? This movie is not just another film with a predominantly Black Cast, but this movie is important for several reasons. It is not your everyday run of the mill showing Black Folks and People of Color as oppressed, slaves, hookers, pimps, druggies, and shitshows.     Black Panther deals with historical colonization by European countries and how they want us only for what we can get out of them. It also encourages the Black Community to unite for the common good and to spread love to the world. 
  This movie is not only important socially, but politically. It shows that Black people are powerful and that we must stand up and take our place and fight against what we have been told that we are. We are great. As T'Challa's father King T'Chaka said to T&#…

Black Panther Cast Competes in Compliment Battle


En Vogue is Back with "Rocket"

The Funky Divas are back!!! After there lackluster release "Soul Flower," I must say that En Vogue 
has slammed us with the the hit single "Rocket." Let's give the stylist and stage managers a hand on 
making it look fabulous.
Get into "Rocket" after the jump.