Do You Wash Your Meat?

Check out my Video Below about the latest from the Canadian Talk Show "The Social" about to rinse (wash) your meat or not.

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

Beloved Comedian and Actor Bill Cosby Was Found Guilty of Sexual Assault. He is currently facing up to 10 years per the three counts of sexual assault. In 2005 he did admit that in the 1970's he bought quaaludes in order to give to women "sort of like giving them a drink." In my most recent episode of Black, Trans, & Beautiful I discuss this case as well as double standards concerning women and men in sexuality and victim blaming. Check it out below.

Diana Prince-B . Slade

B. Slade is wowing our ears again with "Diana Prince." This dance track will remind of you 1980's Janet Jackson, Prince, with the authenticity of B. Slade. This track goes hard. Check it out below. GO DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!!!

Diana Prince by B.Slade

Wendy Williams Are You number 1?

Wendy you're in danger girl. How DARE you come for The Clark Sisters!!!! Girl Your Living is in Vain and about to be cut short!!!!

The Priestess Got Stood Up

So Ya Girl Got Stood THE F@$% UP!!! It really happened!!! The potential suitor was fine as wine, but apparently a simple Fuck Boy.

Picture It, South Carolina 2018. A fine Man of Color messages me on a dating app and a this bougie Black Transwoman replies and engages.  He introduced himself as Don. Now Don is 23 or so he says. Don paraded all of his accomplishments and the fact that he's openly pansexual, however that Piscean intuition told me this was not something I should've dealt with.

  Don was so smitten by my beauty that he wanted to meet me and get to know me. We did have a phone conversation other than texting and we planned our date.  Your girl was very excited about this "date" even though I was feeling like a damn cougar.
  Well Don and I talked again as I prepared to leave my house to meet him. I did text him and called him as I was approaching the designated spot we were to meet, but I didn't get an answer or reply.  The fucked up part was that 20 m…

Let the Church Say Amen @BTransBPodcast

Many of you all have seen the viral video of the assault at the TD Jakes led, Potters House church in Fort Worth, Texas. Well thanks to Audrey Stevenson, the Black, Trans, & Beautiful podcast sits down and talks about church. Check it out Below.

The Good Place's