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Timothy Blaine Obliterates Kim Burrell...She's At it Again

Kim Must Not Have Learned the Last Time. She needs to Calm Her Boasting ALL THE WAY DOWN. The Bible Speaks about that you know

Superman (Donald Lawrence Cover) Yannick Taylor


R. Kelly Stages Performance in NC Amid Protests

So, R. Kelly doesn't really get it does it. So On Friday, May 11th, 2018, R. Kelly, actually had the gall to stage a performance in North Carolina begging his fans to support him during his week from hell.   As you know, Spotify has a new "hateful conduct" policy that has caused R. Kelly's music to be pulled from their catalogue. What did you expect R. Kelly? You're a sexual predator. We have video evidence you idiot!!   However, he was met with protests outside of the venue. According to MSN Entertainment “Sometimes, some storms ain’t gonna stop,” Kelly told the audience during his nearly one-hour performance. “As long as my fans are calling for me, I’m gonna be on that stage, singing these songs.”
So he did include mentions of God in his show and what not, but the storm still didn't end. Women's groups called to demand that the Greensboro Coliseum days after Kelly was disinvited from a Chicago concert. Although unannounced, iTunes aka AppleMusic have …

So Freaking Embarrassed

What are some of your most embarrassing moments? Lord, forbide if it was on a date or just simply dealing with bullcrap while on a date. Check out Black, Trans, & Beautiful, as we discuss being "Embarrassed by The 'D.'"

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers 
and Mother Figures.
This Whole Month is About YOU!!!
Love you,

When He Asks for Your Snapchat

What is your response when someone hits you up on social media feigning an interest in dating, but then asks for your snapchat, kik or other social media?
What the hell?
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