Build Wealth in this Trump Economy #SponsoredPost #JobTime

With Donald Trump as our President and the economy heavily being affected by decisions in government, many people are wondering what to do at a time like this. If you are asking "What Do I Do," Then you need to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!  Now is the time for you to invest in yourself and invest in building wealth for you and your family! There are a plethora of programs that want to charge you monthly fees just to make an income and if you don't meet a margin they cut you off. Well that is not so with Four Corners Alliance Group. Many of you are wondering if it is a pyramind scheme.  It is not. You are provided the keys to build wealth and invest for your future and you can even make extra cash by paying it forward. Check out the Video Below. After You're done CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED BUILDING WEALTH IN THIS ECONOMY

To Blog or Not to Blog

What's up my followers? I pray all is well with you all. I haven't been really blogging a lot due to life getting in the way and some re-channeling. The last few months and the last few years with this blog has been taxing.  For some reason I've gotten dis-enchanted with blogging. I felt as if I had nothing to really share. I felt as if I had to be like everyone else with blogging, but I'm back and I'm here!!! I have a lot that I want to share. Please bare with me as I get back into the game.

@Talkitout_pod We Don't Care About Male Victims

With the recent events in Hollywood surrounding, Terry Crews and his boldness in talking about his experience with sexual assault. Gabby and KD dive into rape culture and how the world disregards Male Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse. Check out their recent episode below:

Was Justin Beiber About to Give Odell Beckham...

Justin Bieber getting caught when he was about to suck d*** is a mood — The Joanne Monster (@Side2You) June 8, 2018

What To Do When You Get Stood Up

What do you do when you've been stood up on a date? 
Check out the Video below
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Ask, Believe, and Receive


Timothy Blaine Obliterates Kim Burrell...She's At it Again

Kim Must Not Have Learned the Last Time. She needs to Calm Her Boasting ALL THE WAY DOWN. The Bible Speaks about that you know