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Thursday, October 27, 2016

I Haven't Really Told Them Who I Am

    So Many of you know that it is a bumpy road with my family, especially me being an openly Gay Preacher, especially with me being a Transwoman!!! 
  The preface of this post comes after an argument, that I quickly de-escalated earlier tonight. Unfortunately I am living with "uncle dearest" and he threw up the fact that me wearing heels "depresses" him. Which I partly understand, but the head strong Pisces in me is saying "how is what I'm doing life affecting you, when you ain't buy sugar honey iced tea of mine."
  I get it. Due to his religious and bigoted beliefs, he refuses to address my gender identity and my sexual orientation. But I'm used to it.
  However, Although on this past Christmas in a drunken argument with my sperm donor, I simply yelled that I'm gay and transgender and that I preferred to be called Yannick. I haven't really had a formal sit down. One reason is because I'm living with a relative who I'm coming to despise with all of my might. The next reason is because I'm scared of the backlash and being disowned.
  Unfortunately with Black Families they are cool with the Gays and Trans people, until it hits home in their own family.  What am I to do? Do I keep it secret till I start on hrt or start going through surgery or do I just say it at the next family gathering? Either way it's going to come out. I guess I'll just prepare myself for it.
Yanni T

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Stop the Shade Against Laverne Cox

  Listen up everybody, The Priestess has something to say.  First things first!!!
I am very proud of Laverne Cox for her portrayal of "Dr. Frank N Furter" in the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, that aired this passed week.  Ms. Cox slayed and she did NOT disappoint!!
  However one thing that has been troubling my spirit is the amount of shade and backlash that Laverne Cox has been receiving from the Black Trans Community.  It is just shameful.  Here we have a historical, monumental moment for the Black Trans Community where a Black Transwoman is getting the spot light in an iconic role that has been played by traditionally white cis het males and all you can do is call her acting in a cult classic a set back for Black Transwoman. Darling, your shade is a set back for the Black Trans Community.
  Let me educate you on something. Laverne Cox is an actor. She's doing her job in which she gets paid for which is ....You guessed it, ACTING!!! She's doing what  she has to do to keep a roof over her head, clothes on her back, her bills paid and basically adulting.  However, she can't catch a break from her OWN community.
  I applaud Laverne for taking the role as Dr. Frank N Furter. She deserved to get recognition for he craft. She gave vocals and even served a bit of Tina Turner while turning up broadway and turning up on a cult classic.  However, some of the comments from "well known" aka local artists and social media celebrities calling her acting a set back.
  How is it a set back?  Can you really explain that to me? How is a transwoman playing a character that is not based on real life a set back. yes the character may be a transvestite or whatever, but it is ACTING!!! For you to give an uneducated opinion and pointless rhetoric as to why and how Laverne doing her job is a set back, shows how dissatisfied, jealous and bitter you are because your career is going further than the bathroom and your mind.
  How about uplifting her and showing love to her. It's hard enough that society gives Black Transwomen hell for being trans and Black, but to get flack from their own community shows us that we have a loooonnng WAY to go!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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