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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Hump Day

Don't Whine...the weekend is almost here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You Know Who I Am

You Know Who I Am
You've just seen me strut my stuff 
and capture the gold.
Forget what you've been told,
You Know Who I Am.
I'm the threat that lurks in the shadows.
Aiming high while you're rolling in the lows,
I'm picking up the pace,
while your picking up your face.
You know exactly who I am
and what I'm capable of.
I'm the threat
that makes you upset
and even makes you sweat.
Hell, Even your booty gets wet.
You Know who I am.
Your man lusts after me,
and it is me you want to be.
You're so fierce
as your soul my words do pierce.
You're so late 
and out of date,
but You know who I am.

Tony Dungy Wouldn't Have Drafted Michael Sam "Things Will Happen,"

Gee I wonder what type of "Things" would happen? Acceptance of the TBLG Community?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Marriage Does Not Make You Straight

   One thing that I cannot stand seeing with Bisexual or Downlow men is the fact that they often marry women in order to hide or cover up the fact that they are homosexual or same gender loving.  There are also cases where obviously gay men have married women, through force or their own stupidity, believing that it will make them straight.  This is often taught by fundamentalist Christians and other religions that in order to not be damned to hell for loving the same gender you must marry the opposite sex and that you're cured.
 NEWS FLASH: IT DOESN'T!!!! You're still a Gay or Bisexual person that ended up marrying someone to make it look like your heterosexual, but you are still attracted to the same sex!!!
  Why am I writing this you may ask? Well Over the course of the week I've seen men who have just this very week tried to bed me or want to have an escapade with me announce over Facebook that they are engaged to a woman.  Now, don't get me wrong I'm not upset because they are engaged and that I'm single, but I'm repulsed at the fact that they are living a lie and bringing an innocent soul into their lie.  It sickens me to see anyone use the guise of marriage to cover up their actions. Marriage is sacred and the way that you desecrate marriage is that you use it to make yourself "fit in" with the status quo. 
  Just last night, I was watching a video of an obviously gay man who is married to a woman.  The woman looked unhappy, but the man acted like there was nothing wrong.  Apparently the wife is not happy because the husband had been caught in a scandal. She wouldn't even look at the camera during the video. The wife remained quiet, but it is obvious that the husband was attempting to cover up the fact that he is infact same gender loving. In relationships like that, there will be infidelity because the man is not attracted to the woman whatsoever.  They are both living a lie. The wife is pretending to be happy while the husband is literally gay and happy living a lie.
  If you are gay, why get married? Why are you worried about people's opinion? It is 2014 be proud of who you are. Stop hiding. You are not in one of those countries that will kill you under law for being who you are. There is NOTHING wrong with being Gay or Bi. Don't get fooled into thinking that marrying one of the opposite sex will make you straight. It doesn't. I've been there done that.
  I've allowed church people to force me to date women, when I knew that I wasn't desiring a woman. That caused depression not only with me but also hurt the young lady that I was dating. How so? Because everything was built on a lie. That's what happens when a knowingly Gay man attempts to go straight through marriage. There is no love.

♫Musique's Poetry♫

Sunday, July 20, 2014

All Around the World Andrae Crouch ft Chaka Khan and Sheila E.

   Andrae Crouch is a legendary Gospel Genius.  Many us sing his hits "Take Me Back," "Jesus is Lord," and more recently "Let the Church Say Amen" which features Bishop Marvin Winans.
  In his album "The Journey," Chaka Khan shows of her vocals on the while Sheila E. drives the rhythm with their God given abilities.  This song will make you get up and dance and give God praise for just being God and God alone. 
  I've been playing this song for about two weeks and I can't shake it. Get into "All Round the World,"  below.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is the World Ready For An Openly Gay Gospel Artist?

   Is the World ready for an Openly Gay Gospel Artist?  I have been asking this question for quite sometime.  When I ask myself this question I think of one of my favorite singers, B. Slade and his transition from Tonex.  
  His coming out and transition to R&B, really rocked the Christian world and the God heads really threw shade upon him.  However, have you ever noticed a lot of feminine, yet closeted male Gospel singers who are singing the gospel? Not to mention when Famed Pace Sister, Dejuaii Pace admitted to being a lesbian, I felt that a door was open for openly Gay Gospel and Christian artists. However, its not so much as the world, but is the CHURCH, ready for an openly Gay artist? Although we have a lot of Gay friendly and Gay Affirming Ministries, is there room for an openly LGBT artist?
  It's nothing new on Sunday mornings to hear anti-gay rhetoric and the shame is that you have fellow LGBT, open and down low, bashing other gays.  Let's be real, if it wasn't for the Gays, Lesbians, and Trans-people, there would be no choirs, ministers, pastors, ushers, or anyone else in the church. For years, we've had a presence in God's house, but because of man's stupidity, they made it seem so wrong.
  Even as a child, I knew that there had to be gay people in the Gospel industry.  I'm sure you've heard the horror stories of the late Rev. James Cleveland and many other Gospel singers being gay and turning the kids out allegedly and even dying of AIDS related complications, but I never felt as if one's sexuality was a big deal.  I always felt that if you carried yourself in a Godly way then you were qualified to do the job. Why does who someone chooses to sleep with behind closed doors matter? So much of the world especially in the Gospel industry say "its okay to be Gay, but stay in the closet. You may corrupt our kids and family." Some may even say "oh he's just feminine." We all know that Brother Tay and Pastor Gray are getting it on behind closed doors.  NO SHADE INTENDED.
  Not only is the world and Church ready for an openly Gay Gospel Artist, is The Openly Gay Gospel Artist, ready for the world?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Stupidity and Musique Do NOT MIX!!!

   One thing I have a low tolerance for is stupidty.  Unfortunately everyday that I go to work or deal with people in general, I have to deal with stupidty.  Stupidity is one of those things that really anger me and may have it's consequences.
  I work in a field in which I deal with the general public and I have that one in every bunch that tests my character and ability to not yell "You idiot." It's something when you deal with argumentative people that are upset over something that is their fault!!! I've had people wonder why their account was closed or why they are receiving a notice of cancellation...Apparently there was no payment received on your account...They often times act like I had something to do with it.
  Not only do I deal with it at work, but even with family.  There's always that one family member who has your screwed up. For instance, Uncle Dearest often has stupid moments. Just last night Uncle Dearest asked if I wanted to sample a dish that he cooked, I said "no." He then asks "why," and I simply reply because I don't want to and I went into another room of the house. I admit that I was irritated, but that's stupidity for you.
 When people do stupid stuff, they do stuff that they know better than to do or are more intelligent not to do or act a different way.  When this happens, I sip on my drink of Ale and move on because stupidity and I do not mix.