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Late Night: HIV, Friends, and Life

It's late Thursday Night/early Friday Morning and I'm still somehow awake.  For some reason I have a lot on my mind.
  The last few months have been a challenge.  With me finding out that I'm HIV positive, I've had some mental struggles.  I felt as if I would lose friendships. So far I've seen that my friends around me are true friends indeed. The main challenge is that I've only told my mom within my immediate family.  Its a different experience for me.  Knowing that I could be on meds for the rest of my life scare me, but I'm thankful to have that support system.
  Even in the dating scene, I've ran into some donkey's butts, but I've ran into guys who are really educated on HIV and AIDS.  You have some guys that feel if they even look at an HIV positive man that he's automatically got it.  Please come out of the dark ages people. Even people who are somewhat educated even feel that you have to use Lysol of someone who is HIV positive to…